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Alias Janaki Movie Review | Telugu Movie Alias Janki Review | Rahul Venkat’s Alias Janaki Movie Review

Cast: Rahul Venkat, Anisha Ambrose

Producer: Neelima Tirumalashetty

Director: Daya.K

Censor Certificate: U/A

Runtime: 105 Minutes

Story: Janakiram (Rahul Venkat) works in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Coperation. Falls in love with Chaitra (Anisha) instantly through an incident. On the other hand, Maisa a local goon, Plans to possess Lal Nagar lands illegally. Janakiram opposes the illegal attempt by showing the proofs. But govenment people around Janakiram join Maisa and plan to make him leave the seriousness by instituting him to IT officers. Meanwhile, Maisa plans to burn the Lal Nagar area with the help of his brother Panda and take possession of land. However, Janakiram discovers that this accident at Lal Nagar was intentional and it is due to the big and dreaded goon Maisa along with his couple of government officials and police through his office boy Chinna (Naveen). Janakiram adjudicates the problem by teaching corrupt officers and Maisa a lesson. How Janakiram does that forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Debutant Rahul Venkat (nephew of Megastar Chiranjeevi) is definitely not a hero material. He is very poor in looks department and pretty mediocre in histrionics aspect. His dialogue delivery is pathetic. Anisha tries to give her full effort for her poorly written character. Frankly scenes between Rahul and Anisha had nothing to do in the script except looking good and keep smiling. The story dosent give them the opportunity to display a wide variety of emotions and they both majorly remain the same throughout the film. Naga Babu is wasted over a small cameo. Even his look is not upto the mark. Sri Ramya (1940 Oka Gramam fame) is lot better than Rahul and Anisha’s complete act put together. Tanikella Bharini is okay but character transition was not upto the mark. Debutant villains (Maisa & Panda in the movie)look effective.

Technicalities: Alias Janaki is the recipe of Tollywood’s latest moral romatic drama made on the same old formula tried several times before. Alias Janaki starts off pretty well with debutant director Daya focusing on the right things in the decent manner. And its initial frames that talk about the subject in a more particular way, with all those moral lines and straight forwards dialogues. But later on the focus gets disturbed and one loses interest due to the script returning to the same old plots of be – brave – save – your – society – stuff.

The only merit of Alias Janaki is its soundtrack which gives you some good foot tapping numbers keeping you engaged in its otherwise uninteresting script. Shravan, one of the best finds this year in Tollywood and his music truly remains the only hero in Alias Janaki unarguably. but one of the best albums so far this year ruined by very average picturization.

Cinematography by Sujith Sarang is neat. Dialogues are good in parts but fail to elevate the scenes. Fights are mediocre. Editing could have been crispier. The production values of Sangamithra Arts are good.

Verdict: Alias Janaki screenplay is unexciting and so are the performances as they are given nothing in the script to showcase their talents. The deliberately added half baked love angles further ruin the project completely accompanied by a quite badly written and laughable climax. In the end, we would like to say that if only the director Daya had given more thought towards the execution of his film and less to its stylish poster designing, then it surely could have been a watchable venture for sure.

Cinetara Rating: 1/5

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