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Broker-2-Review‘Broker’ directed by RP Patnaik in the year 2010 is appreciated for its insights in to how middlemen started playing an important role in socio-political spaces in our society. The film also won a state award recognizing the same. Now Director Maddineni Ramesh came with Broker-2 starring Posana Krishnamurali. Posani is known for his dialogue delivery and sharp political satires, hence naturally expectations over this film rose. Along with posters carrying reflections of post election scenario prevailing in the states of AP and Telangana made it more anticipated film this week. Let’s see if this film reached expectations and could leave its part I behind.


Devudu played by Posani Krishnamurali is a political broker who manages to back an MLA in to becoming a CM of the state with sensitive political environment. He emerges as a political kingpin who could broker anything from pimping to pampering mega businessmen in to signing deals. Such a person is faced with a moral dilemma due to a woman he falls in love with. He is torn between deciding what is right and wrong. Would he emerge reform himself or will he yield to the reality of the world where almost everyone is broker trying to acquire power by hook or crook is the question.

Artists Performance:

Posani Krishnamurali might sure evoke laughs with his ‘clueless’ looks, satirical and double meaning dialogues as a comedian and a character actor. But as a leading man he is simply looking foolish and unbearable. In every scene he acts, reacts and over acts to compensate all the actors present in the scene. Female Lead Sneha looks decent and plays her under- written part adequately. Another actress Siri has nothing much to do in the film. Actors like Benarji, Jeeva dream walks through their characters. Madala Ravi appears flashing in couple of song making us quiz why he is in the film at all.

Analysis :

Though the story looks promising it goes grossly wrong both at writing as well as making levels of the film. Constantly over acting Posani Krishnamural makes the character of Broker not just comical but nonsensical. The story goes hay-way to include political punches. Characters in the film are never defined nor registered to create a desired impact. Audience are rendered clueless in terms of following the story. Maddineni Ramesh failes miserably as a writer to cohesively narrate a simple story. Instead he makes it look like a plot-less random scenes appearing on screen with purposelessness.

Technically this film has nothing to write about except couple of lines written by lyricyst Chaitanya Prasad that actually don’t match with the madness of the film. BROKER-2 neither matches the first Broker nor reaches the newly created expectation by its promotion as a political satire. It fails on both counts and renders audience dumb at the end of it. Its a strictly avidable film this weekend.

Cinetara Rating : 1/5

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