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Crores invested in star-studded projects

Crores invested in star-studded projects

Why are Tollywood filmmakers so hesitant to pick low-budget films? They seem to be hell bent to have super stars, mega stars, power stars and rebel stars who will obviously charge a bomb to shoulder a project. We are not talking of 1 or 10 crores but 50-100 crore budget films that give you larger than life experience and in return compromise with the touch of reality. What is this with extravagant films? Is up of blowing cars, breaking walls, glasses and mirrors, heading abroad in search of exotic locales, actors’ crazy remuneration etc, the list never seems to cease.

And the best part is after the entire hula-boo and pumping in crores of money on these ventures most of the times they are falling flat at the box-office. The producers and production houses report huge losses and sometimes they don’t even get closer to the amount invested. Still, they are obsessed to move on with yet another big-budget film! Alright we understand that the filming of epic dramas or mythological stories might demand an exuberant budget but to make big-budget films seems to have become a “star-studded affair” rather just a pomp and show and as a result we don’t even get to watch a good film leave alone intense cinema.

We need to borrow a few tips from Mollywood it looks like; the filmmakers make realistic and meaningful films with a budget of 3-5 crores and go on to book huge profits. One such classic example in the recent times is the Malayalam film Dhrishyam that was made with just 3 crores and the movie went on to churn 35 crores at the box-office! Now that is what we call business-acumen. Are you listening Tollywood? Time to wake up folks!

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