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Green-signal-Movie-ReviewSexually frustrated Telugu youth, especially men found a voice and representation in a filmmaker called Maruthi. He became a brand ambassador for deviant cinema and continues to rule box office as long as there are youth who would drool on his kind of cinema. Recently he seem to have parted ways and made a clean film ‘Kotta Janat’.But it failed. Now Maruthi seem to have decided to stick to what he does best. Here comes the film GREEN SIGNAL directed by Ravi Maddhala with the strong brand impact of Maruthi cinema.

Story :

Film starts with a gym trainer, a software engineer, a software trainer and a gay decide to become monks (Sanyasis) and leave all this wordy pleasures (read love = sex). Than the films opens as a flash back narrative of these 4 stories (if you call them as stories). Gym trainer Sandy is a Casanova who wants to sleep with every girl he meets.And also manipulates a rich girl friend to pay for his needs. Software trainer Bala Sai falls in love with a girl who already has a boy friend. But she humors him and keeps in the relationship to exploit him financially. And software engineer Naidu is in a living-in relationship with a Facebook friend. Another one is the story of a gay. How these stories happen and what made them realize the futility of love forms rest of the film.

As usual the “girl bashing” is at its peak in the film. Either girls are out these exploiting men using their sexuality or they are whores sleeping around with men casually. Such derogatory and sexualised depiction of women also came to exist as Maruthi brand of “youthful entertainment”. Unnecessary Goa episode is added to explore more of such entertainment.

Artists Performance:

In terms of acting you can see many Maruthi school actors from Eerojullo to recent film fill the screen with some new faces. Revanth,Gopal Sai,Ashutosh,Rakshita,Maanas,Shillpi Sharma,Dimple,Manjula Rathod played the lead roles and they are adequate in grossly underwritten roles. ‘Chammak’ Chandra is seen in yet another awkward gay comedy. Maruthi and music director JB also could be seen in the film in a flash.

Analysis :

Technically cinematography by Swamy, music by JB saves the film from looking and sounding like a C grade Malayalam adult entertainers. These are the two positive additions to the film. Green Signal is a red mark on cinema. Unfortunately if you are ready to drool, this film might rule the box-office.

Cinetara Rating : 1.5/5

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