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Jump-Jilani-Movie-ReviewTop comedy hero Allari Naresh playing a duel role. That too based on a Tamil hit film ‘Kalakalapu’ sure raises some hope. Especially after the disastrous ‘Laddu babu’, a typical Allari Naresh comedy could be an anticipated one. With initial posters and promos it did raise expectations. Let’s see how the film actually matched up to it.

Its a story of two identical twins with not so identical behaviors. One is sober, calm and responsible and another is a conman lives in and out of jail. Their ancestral property, a hotel in Nidadavolu has two challenges. One bad business and another in the form of external attempts of forceful occupation for commercial purposes. How these two brothers, who don’t match in their approach unify their goal of saving the hotel is what the story is all about.

In the mean time each of the brothers have their love interest. Sober brother falling in love with a municipality officer who serves a notice to close down the hotel and another falling for his ‘Maradalu’ played by Isha Chawla and Swathi Dixit respectively.

Apart from the business man who is trying to occupy the hotel with the help of a crooked police officer (Bharath), there is another story of Isha Chawla’s faction backdrop. Posani Krishna Murali, Jayaprakash Reddy, MS Narayana and Taguboth Ramesh form crucial characters of this track. Further more, a missing mobile phone filled with diamonds doing rounds brings in cut-thoat businessman Rao Ramesh’s in to the film.

A 165 minute long tedious attempt to make audience laugh only sustains till first half of the film. Unnecessary scenes between Isha Chawla and Allari Naresh and same content repeated at the hotel scenes make you uneasy in the first half too. By the time second half starts and all the stories culminate in to climax, audience would experience a minimum of three or four climatic irritations.

Allari Naresh has nothing new to offer. He is surely good with some of the punches but his dual role served no purpose (In Tamil the roles are played by two different actors). Isha Chawla failed to impress. Swathi Dixit gets noticed for her beauty and some glimpses of performance in a not so prominent role.Posani, Tagubotu Ramesh do what they normally do. Other actors as they say are just “padding”.

Dialogues by Kranthi Reddy are sparkling at points. But over all doesn’t live up to the badly written script. Director E.Satti Babu neither does justice to the original nor does he live up to making the Telugu version interesting. Its a not so chilling JUMP JILANI.

Cinetara Rating : 1.5/5

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