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Naa Sami Ranga Review | Naa Sami Ranga Movie Review | Naa Sami Ranga Rating | Naa Sami Ranga Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Dilip, Sai Kumar, Sree Tej, Yasaswini, Jeeva, Prithvi and Priyanka

Produced: CH Kiran Kumar Reddy, J. Krishna Reddy and GP Reddy

Directed: Subramanyam Pachcha

Cinematography: P. Bal Reddya

Storyline: A happy go lucky Intermediate friends Seenu (Dileep), Ravi (Sai) , Shiva (Sree Tej) and Rani Rudrama Devi (Priyanka) live in Hyderabad. Seeing there happy life from the opposite appartement Maaya (Yasaswi) join the gang. Shiva falls in love with Maaya in the first instance.

Meanwhile, Everyone in the group gets closely attached with Maaya. One day Maaya finds herself in trouble and seeing his love in trouble Shiva plans to clear her problem. Where the gang (Seenu, Ravi and Shiva) accidently meet Dubai Don Saalim (Asish Vidyarthi). The Rest of the story is all about how they survive International Don and make him realize the importance of a life.

Performance: Sai has enacted his role effortlessly, he proved once again he has good comic sense. Dileep and Shiva are good in the first half but their character gets limited in the second half. Priyanka is just adequate as Dileep’s girl friend. Yasaswi is pretty natural in her performance. Prithvi has good variation in his character and is okay as Priyanka’s father. Asish Vidyarthi as International Don failed to emote the scenes where he shown in Negative character.

Technicalities: Story of the film is banal. Screenplay of the film in the first half id sloppy and adequate in second half. Director Subramanyam Pachcha’s direction is okay in parts and he should have worked on the second half where leads plans to stay with Don for 10 days. Narration of the film is very old, and Cinematography Bal Reddy is very ideal. In a minimal budget Cinematographer has shown his class behind the camera. Light Man added value to the movie. Music by Agastya is okay. Machu maa and Neela Veni songs are good on screen. Dialogues by Dinakar Talapaneni, Praveen Murala, Ganesh Sunkara and Jaji are major assets. Dialogues like Oka Sampoo Sachet ni Manufacture Date nunchi Expiry Date varaku vade vadivi ra nuvu, Baada ante Pai nunchi Karedi Baayam ante kindi nunchi Karuthundi. Editor could have cut short the film by 10 or 15 minutes. Production values by CH Kiran Kumar Reddy, J. Krishna Reddy and GP Reddy are fine.

Analysis: Naa Saami Ranga reminds us many old hat films. Film doesnt deal well with the Logics or Narration in the second half. Even precessional actors Asish Vidyarthi and Prithvi were average in their roles. Cinematography, Few Comedy Scenes including Seenu, Sai and Couple of Songs are positives of Naa Saami Ranga. On the flip side Don Characterization, First Half Drags, Age Old Narrative style and Thin Storyline are negatives. On the Whole, this Naa Saami Ranga, is a half-baked product for adult comedy fans and it may find difficult to travel for long in big screens.

Cinetara Rating: 2/5

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